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A history of organic produce

Organic foods have risen in prominence over the past few decades — especially within the produce industry. Now, many grocery stores and other food markets have designated whole sections to organic foods, and in the produce department there seems to be an organic alternative to nearly every offered product, from bananas to spices. Though these fully natural fruits and vegetables are plentiful now, they were once a rarity in stores across the world.


Here is a brief history of the organic produce industry.


A longstanding tradition


Organic farming, or natural agriculture, has been practiced for thousands of years; it dates as far back as prehistoric times and is the “world’s oldest and most resilient agroecosystem.” During these humble beginnings, primitive means of agriculture were introduced and leveraged toward the growing, maintaining, and harvesting of fruits and vegetables. These methods included forest gardening and the use of animals for hard labor — two approaches that would be improved and reimagined for years to follow.

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The most popular fall-based produce items (Pt. 1)

Fall is just around the corner, and as the weather prepares to change to brisker conditions and more colorful aesthetics, many produce departments will soon make their own changes based on seasonal product demand. 

Here are a few of the most popular fall-based produce items.



In terms of seasonal desserts alone, apples consistently stand out as one of fall’s most popular fruits. Something about the fruit’s crisp balance of sweet and tart is synonymous with cooler weather and falling leaves. In addition to their key place in pies and fritter recipes, apples tend to spike in popularity during the fall thanks to their sheer number of different flavors, which provide bakers a wide range of opportunity in terms of crafting the perfect fall treat.

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