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Germany’s Cologne Cathedral

For the last 15 years, Cesare Della Santina has overseen import and export operations as president of produce company CDS Foods, Inc. Outside of his professional responsibilities, Cesare Della Santina enjoys traveling around the globe, particularly to churches in various countries such as Germany.

Towering above the city skyline, the Cologne Cathedral (also known as the Kolner Dom) stands at 157.38 meters tall. Its 8,000-square-meter interior can accommodate over 20,000 people and houses several religious relics and works of art, including the Gero Cross, Jeweled Madonna, and the Chapel of the Virgin.

The Gothic-style cathedral has served as a gathering place for Christian worshipers for more than 2,000 years. Located on the site of an ancient Roman temple, the Old Cathedral was built in 818 and contained altars for St. Peter and Maria. The cathedral later became a well-known destination for religious pilgrimages in 1164 when Archbishop Rainald von Dassel brought the remains of the Three Magi to the site.

After burning down in the 13th century, the Cologne Cathedral was rebuilt across the span of over 600 years. Until the early 1800s, the cathedral featured only one section, which included the consecrated choir. Germany’s Romantic Era inspired the Prussian Court and Cologne citizens to resume heavy construction following the original medieval building plans. In 1880, builders completed the Cologne Cathedral in its entirety.