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What to Consider When Retraining a Workforce

An expert in produce imports, Cesare Della Santina founded CDS Foods, formerly CDS Brokers, in 2000. Cesare Della Santina ensures ongoing success by partnering with companies, like Groupe Lavigne, to periodically retrain staff.

To enhance productivity and reduce human error, retraining employees can be advantageous. It is effective when introducing new processes to operations and helps companies stay competitive within their markets. Programs should further educate employees about advanced production, sales, and management methods for improving output and therefore, customer satisfaction.

In terms of recruitment, companies must be careful not to focus solely on retraining internal staff. This creates a barrier for innovation and modernization that comes from hiring external professionals. For a good balance, human resources teams can maintain a stable and loyal workforce of veterans by implementing a retraining program for current workers. In addition, a training program should be established for new recruits to communicate processes and policies that help meet workforce demand.