About Cesare Della Santina

52fa5d32448f9_@!@_China Canton Fair April 2007 050A veteran of the produce industry, Cesare Della Santina began his career in retail sales and then moved into food service and finally wholesale positions. In 2000, Cesare Della Santina decided to follow his entrepreneurial aspirations by founding CDS Brokers, which brokered fresh produce imports from Asia, Europe and South America. Responding to an overwhelming demand for its services, CDS Brokers began importing products in less than a year. The company primarily dealt with garlic, ginger, and shallots. Over time, it grew to include a full line of specialty products.

To represent the changing nature of the company, Mr. Della Santina rebranded it as CDS Foods. To date, CDS Foods has import and export agreements with suppliers in China, Spain, Mexico, United States, Argentina to name a few. The company constantly seeks out new growers and partners; it will soon expand to India, Peru, Chile, and other countries worldwide. To appeal to adventurous cooks, CDS foods now offers pomelos, dragon fruit, taro, Asian pears, and many other exotic fruits and vegetables


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