Reasons to Retrain Employees

Importing produce from around the world, Cesare Della Santina supplies ingredients ranging from garlic to dragon fruit to customers through CDS Foods. To enhance business operations, Cesare Della Santina works with Groupe Lavigne to periodically retrain staff in areas of sales and management.

While retraining employees can be a significant expenditure for companies, there are benefits of improving an existing workforce. In terms of positions requiring specialized skills, retraining allows a company to share new methods and practices to implement on the job to enable employees to carry out their responsibilities more efficiently. As a result of their enhanced knowledge, employees can produce better products and services.

Retraining also serves the purpose of correcting or boosting the quality of work delivered by an underperforming employee. To avoid using retraining as a disciplinary tool, a company should clearly communicate both the goals of retraining and follow-up steps to determine improvement. During the process, a trainer can require employees to read such materials as policies and procedures and incorporate scenario-focused examples to clarify proper methods for handling different situations, thereby reinforcing the required reading.


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