Advantages of Freeze-Drying

In 2000, Cesare Della Santina founded CDS Brokers, which imported fresh produce including ginger, shallots, and garlic from Asia and Europe. Now operating as CDS Foods but still under the leadership of Cesare Della Santina, this company has expanded to work with dried fruits and other produce items, though it continues to deal extensively in its first products.

The company’s City Snacks line, consisting of freeze-dried fruit snacks, has become a major brand for CDS Foods. Freeze-dried foods are resistant to spoilage and ripening due to the total removal of water from the product. Secure freeze-dried packages can keep for years, provided they are properly stored. Freeze-dried foods also become much lighter, allowing them to be easily transported on both an individual and industrial scale. Though these advantages are most relevant to food, other fields have also begun to use freeze-drying. Even researchers and florists can use freeze-drying to keep biological samples from losing desirable properties over long periods of time.


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